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The tragic event that took place on April 23rd, 2018 will forever be remembered as the “Toronto Van Attack”.  10 were killed, 16 seriously injured, and countless others affected by a hate crime.  One of those victims was Anne Marie D’Amico whose life was violently and unexpectedly taken.  That day left a scar on the city and the hearts of the D’Amico family.

The Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation was launched by the D’Amico family as a way to move forward with their daughter and sister.  Anne Marie was a passionate woman who led by example and influenced positive change through her altruistic behaviour.  She gave with her whole heart.  Inspired by her character and in remembrance of her spirit, the foundation will draw on Anne Marie’s passion and practice for selfless acts of kindness and continue her legacy.

The foundation will focus on supporting humanitarian causes that embody Anne Marie’s spirit to effect positive change.  The turtle logo will be our emblem for hope and inspiration.  We are promoting positive change by working with the community and like-minded individuals to support the end violence against women.

In order to thrive, the foundation will continue to look to the future for solutions.  The Turtle Project, its pinnacle event, will commemorate the foundation’s efforts each year on December 3rd, Anne Marie’s birthday. The event will raise money for the foundation and will also be the platform for bringing awareness to our mission.

The Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation, inspired by a woman who proved that we can make a positive difference, cannot work alone.

Join us in our mission.

Vision: The vision of the Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation is for all women and children to live free from violence.

Mission: The mission of the Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation is to shift social and cultural norms by partnering with organizations and individuals who share our vision to bring awareness to our cause.

The D’Amico family launched the Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation on December 3, 2018

Supporting in 2021

This year’s contributions will go towards the North York Women’s Shelter. For 33 years NYWS has been a place of healing, empowerment and refuge and has helped over 11,000 women and children heal from the trauma of abuse.

This new state of the art 24,000 sq ft shelter is a one-of-a-kind and a model for all other women’s shelters.  Using a trauma informed approach, the facility, procedures, and programs are designed to address the subtitles of those affected by violence.  A pet kennel, a community services hub and therapy lounge are just a few of the groundbreaking inclusions.  We are proud to support such an innovative and effective emergency shelter

We lost Anne Marie but we can save countless other women.

Board of Directors

Tony Comparelli


Nick D'Amico


Rocco D’Amico

Secretary / Treasurer

Frances D'Amico


Carmela D’Amico


Jonny Comparelli


Rocco Romualdi


Samara Wolofsky